Where is that Dragon!?

By 8 November , 2011 August 13th, 2018 news

A new illustration is finished!
The knight is seeking his dragon, but where is it!
It has been so much fun to work on this illustration! It’s based on an old sketch from my sketchbook.
I wanted to work with the background and give it some sort of glowing atmosphere.

I hope you like it.

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  • Susie says:

    You made my grandson laugh out loud! How could we not love it…and you! The background glow sets off the deeper greens, it has a warm feeling. Thank you for sharing. Blessings to You and Yours, Susie, Port Huron, Michigan, USA…we are now in the deep freeze with sub-zero gusts off of the lake! We needed your warm glow!

    • irrimiri says:

      Hi Susie,
      Thanks so much for sharing this. To me that’s precious too haha, I am happy I could make you both laugh 😉
      *hugs* Hopefully it will get warmer soon 😀

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