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Hey how are you doing?

I’ve been working on some fun things lately.
Recently I purchased printable shrink plastic to create broches from my bird designs.
After posting some of my ‘Work in progress’ photos on instagram I got a couple of requests from people to show them how it works.

So here goes:

What I used:

Ink Jet Shrink Plastic by Darcie’s heart & Home
– an acrylic block I had lying around
– hot air gun from the brand ‘Ferm’
I made a little video to show you the process ?

It’s very simple, and there are different ways to do it.
I personally like using a heat gun because it gives me a bit more control. But it’s also possible to use the oven.
With the heat gun you gently heat up the plastic until it starts to wrinkle and shrink. No worries about that, it will flatten itself out again.
Turn it around gently (careful, it can be hot) and heat the other side until it’s flattened.
For the finishing touch, you use the acrylic block and put pressure on the image to flatten it. Do this when it’s still a bit warm and voilla, there you have your little image. Fun for broches and more.

When using the oven, you can best try it out with a few scraps first to see how they react to the heat.
Generally, you can heat the oven to a 320 degrees and put the plastic in for 1 minute.
If the images are scorching, then try and turn down the oven by 5 degrees and try again until the images shrink without scorching.
(Don’t use the micro wave!). After the image shrinks you place it immediately on a hard surface (non sticky), and flatten it with an acrylic block.

I hope you liked my little tutorial.
It’s really THAT simple!

I used mine as a brooch:

If you liked it or if you are going to try it out and like to share, please let me know.
Leave a comment here and tell me what you think. I love to hear from you 😀

Good luck!

(ohh and happy holidays!!)

Kind Regards,



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