No Choco October

By 1 October , 2017 March 8th, 2019 projects

Soooo, this weekend, on the first of October, I started my #noChocoTober project
I’ve heard of several campaigns taking place this month, aiming at quitting a bad habit like, for example, smoking.
Fortunately, I don’t smoke, but I do have another bad habit that I’d like to control a little better if possible;  which is eating too much chocolate.
Well… I guess it’s not really a bad habit if you only eat it occasionally. But I’ve been indulging a bit too much lately and realized I am not even enjoying it like I used to.
It’s become more of a habit than luxury so I decided it was time for a change.

This month I won’t eat chocolate bars or other kinds of chocolate candy, but I will be painting a chocolate every day instead. ?

Below you can view the images that I’ve created during the month.
The little gallery below is linked to my Instagram account where you can follow me as well.

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