New game: Jeu de pige dans le Lac

By 4 October , 2017 March 8th, 2019 Cool stuff

I have such fun news to share.
Today, the mailman brought me a parcel filled with samples of the new game I worked on together with French Publisher Auzou.
They finally came in today, and I am really happy with the final quality of the product.

The game ‘Pige dans le Lac’ is similar to the English ‘Go Fish’ game or the Dutch ‘Kwartetten’.
I really enjoyed creating all eleven of the quirky animal characters. They all have their own personalities and hobbies. Can you guess them?
They were all fun to draw, but I guess that my two personal favorites are the ‘Howdy’ donkey and the Hipster goose after all.
And both of them are quite fond of music too!

If you’d like to order a copy of the card, you can find them HERE.
It will be available from October 5th!




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