How to add a logo to a photo on your phone (using Picsart)

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Hi there, How have you been?

Today I wanted to share a little tutorial with you.
If you know my work, you must’ve noticed that I am always adding my logo to my illustrations. But I am also adding a logo to my photos on Instagram.
A lot of people were curious to know how I do that because I am adding these logos on the photos from my phone.

But first of all: Fake reasons to ‘not’ add a logo

Years ago, when I was just starting as an artist, I had mixed feelings about adding a logo to my artwork. Reoccurring thoughts were:
– Come on, who would steal my work anyway?
– I am just a starting artist with no name or fame.
– What if they think I am some unknown but big-headed creative with a ugly logo plastered on her designs? Who does she think she is?
– Oh… and don’t forget: adding a logo is ugly

Maybe it’s a weird thought, but I felt very uncomfortable about making myself known as an artist.
To be honest, these thoughts were all just plain rubbish.
Everybody has the right to protect their work, no matter if they are unknown, or have less experience. Never underestimate yourself! That’s something I’ve learned during the years. However, I know how awkward it can to be a starting artist at first.

Regarding the ugliness of a logo:

Yes, some people may hesitate to add a logo because it doesn’t exactly improve your artwork on an aesthetic level. But it’s okay. It’s not the actual artwork, just a copy of it that goes around on the internet.
It’s not supposed to be used by others, that’s why you add it.
And there are ways to add it in a subtile matter too. It doesn’t have to be ugly. You can make it as visible as you like.
And if there are blogs or other websites out there who want to use your artwork without a logo? They can simply ask you. They should anyway ?

So why is it a good idea to add a logo?

Of course you are free to do whatever you want.
But here is why I think it’s a good idea.

A logo can be used to protect your work. The internet is such a huge busy beehive of resources of data. Think about Pinterest. The moment someone re-pins your work and doesn’t leave you any credit and/or doesn’t link back to your website, it can become hard to figure out who made the actual artwork in the first place. Searching with Google doesn’t always give us the result we’re looking for.
You have no idea where your images can end up. Adding a logo makes it easier for people to identify and recognize you and your body of work.
I already started adding logos to my web images ages ago but didn’t use a logo on my Instagram photos at first.
Most of all because I had no clue how to do it.
Of course, it would be possible to send myself the images, render them on my computer, send them back to my phone and then publish them. But that would be such a hassle. Plus the fun of social media is that it shows the thing you are doing ‘right now.’
After some searching and trying out different apps I found the right app, that did all the things I needed. It’s called Picsart.

The PicsArt Photo Studio (PicsArt) app is available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone.
It’s a paid app, though you can use it for free as I do. But be prepared to be smacked around the ears with ads if you do. I like using the app for this one feature only, so I feel that paying for it is a bit too expensive for me.
I merely ignore them by clicking them away and continue editing. It’s a bit of a hassle, but that’s what you get when you want to use an app for free, right?

Without further ado, I will show you a step by step tutorial to add your logo to your images from your phone with Picsart.

How to use Picsart:


1) Quite obviously: Download the Picsart app to your phone.

2) Prepare a jpeg with your logo (for example 400 px wide)

3) Save it to your phone. Maybe create a special album where you store your logo files. This way it will be easy to find in the app.

After making a photo that you want to publish on the net, you open the Picsart app.

Click on the purple button with the + on it to start a new project.

Click on the pink ‘edit’ button on the bottom left.

Choose the photo you want to edit.

The photo has opened in the app. You want to swipe the bottom tools to the right to find the ‘add photo’ option.

Select the ‘add photo’ option.

Search for the photo you want to add. I have a folder on my phone with my logo image in there. So I select my logo image, then click on ‘add’ in the top right corner.

The selected logo appears on top of your photo. But it’s still showing the white.
Click on the ‘blend’ tool from the bottom.

Select ‘multiply’. It makes the white color of your logo transparent.

Then you can resize and place the logo where you think it looks best.

In the top right corner of your screen, select the arrow button to save the photo.
Note: you will get lots of advertising. Simply click it away.

You can either post the photo in your Picsart account or save it to your phone like I usually do.

That’s all!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and found it useful.
If you have any questions regarding this post, please let me know.
Or share if you like 😉

P.s. This app allows you to do so much more fun stuff. Play with it and try things out.
I used the ‘add image’ tool in combination with the ‘multiply’ setting to create these fun photos. I simply combined a sketch with a photo. Enjoy.



some samples:

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