First Sticker Story Fun!!

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Hi again,
I am updating twice in a week! wow

This is something I wanted to share for some time.
Together with the sweet ladies of Campbell books I worked on two books for the ‘First Sticker Story Fun’ series.
I made the illustrations for the Dinosaurs and Baby Animals books. And they turned out so cute. They even have googly eyes!
You can paste stickers all over the book, find little fun facts about the animals & dinosaurs and you can go nuts over the colouring pages.

The books are available at Amazon and (amongst other places) 😀
Baby animals on amazon
Dinosaurs on Amazon

Baby animals on
Dinosaurs on

My husband came home in the evening and saw me trying out one of the books and decided to join in. We had a laugh while stickering and colouring like little kids.

Even Chip the Cat approved!

Sticking a Stegosaurus

What sticker to pick now?


oops I went outside the borders! noooo. Coen is Colouring baby T-rex

What are these two intruders doing in the meadow?? Do I see a mini foal ?

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