Featured in MAAK Magazine – Xmas

By 9 December , 2014 news

Hey there, how are you doing?

Sooo I am probably a little bit late with blogging about this fun bit of news:
I was recently featured in the special Xmas edition of the Dutch MAAK magazine!
Unfortunately this issue is not available any more because it was limited and it sold out very fast! But I thought it was still worth sharing it.

Below I placed a capture of the magazine with my work on it 😀
If you like to have a look at the Christmas Freebies that were featured on this page, please hop over to this link here.
If you are going to use the freebie and want to share a photo of it, please do! I always love to see what you do with my freebies 🙂
Just comment on my post or shoot me an email.

Do you want to know more about MAAK magazine?
Then please Follow Anke, Anne and Nikki, the writers the magazine, on their blog. They share lots of creative inspiration and fun DIY tutorials.
It’s written in Dutch though, but it’s probably worth it to use Google Translator on it 😉
Click here to visit their website.


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