Dreams of Cheese for Storytime Magazine

By 17 July , 2015 illustration, publication

Heyyy how are you doing?

Something fun just dropped on our doormat this afternoon.
The latest Storytime Magazine! Have you ever heard of them?
Storytime is a kid’s magazine that’s packed with funny and beautiful stories. There are fairy tales, myths, poems and much more. And the best thing is they are fully illustrated and don’t have adverts in them.
Storytime wants to encourage children to read more, so the magazines helps improving reading, writing, spelling & vocabulary.
And they are fantastic people to work with 🙂

A couple of months ago I was contacted to illustrate a story about a boy who just luvvvs cheese.
And how could I say no to such a fun request?
The story tells about a boy who’s name is Klaas. He lives on a farm in the Netherlands and he is an incredible lover of cheese. But that love for cheese kinda gets him into trouble. The story is fun and a bit magical. But I won’t give you any more spoilers in case you would like to read the story yourself!

This project was a little bit extra special for me because of the main character Klaas.
My late grandpa’s name was Klaas, which is a typical old fashioned boy name in the Netherlands. And he loved cheese. VERY old Dutch cheese if possible – the crumbly kind. Though back in the day his family was probably too poor to eat good amounts of cheese (if any) with every breakfast or any meal of the day. My granddad wasn’t a farmer boy though, but he grew up in the working class in Drenthe. His dad worked on the fields of the local farmers, and the kids helped out in the weekends, and whenever they were free from school.
I know my grandfather has always worked very hard in his life. I thought it was nice to have an extra connection with this story, even if it’s just a tiny bit to grasp on. 🙂

And now with further ado, I will show you some sneak peeks.
You can have a look at the full illustrations of Dreams of Cheese in my portfolio too.

Happy Weekend!!

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