A Portrait’s Journey

By 12 September , 2017 books

Hey, how have you been?

I wanted to share a fun project that my husband came up with recently.
A few weeks ago he’d come home with a nice sketchbook. He showed it to me and then sat down at our kitchen table to draw his portrait in it.
My husband loves working with Bic pens, and he made a lovely black and white drawing of himself on the couch with a comic, his bass guitar and our two cats sitting next to him.
I love the picture very much because of its sentiment.
Then he gave the book to me and told me that I had to draw my self-portrait in it as well. He told me that, after I’d finished it, I should pass it on to the next artist.
Coen said the book would become a gift from one artist to another, and each time you pass it on, a new treasure will be added to its contents.

I loved the concept and took the liberty to create an Instagram account called ‘a_portraits_journey‘ for the project.
If the artist who draws in it has an IG account and likes to share their image, they can use the hashtag #aportraitsjourney, and I will repost their image into that account.
That way, we can keep track of the book and see the lovely new additions and the direction it is taking.
We are well aware that we might never see the book again, but that is an inspiring thought at the same time.
I guess the last artist who draws in it will also get to keep the book, haha.

I’ve never done anything like this before, nor has my husband, so it’s quite exciting. Who knows what will happen.
Though, of course, there is always the possibility that the book will get lost at some point. Nevertheless, we’re hoping that it will inspire people to create and keep sharing.

Here is my entry:
I decided to use the whole spread and work with gouache, crayon, pencil, papercut elements and ink.
And of course, our two cats had to accompany me as well.
The next artist is totally free to do whatever they like, as long as it doesn’t ruin the artwork of the previous artists.
Tomorrow I will take this book with me on a trip to Sardinia, where I will join a fun artist retreat with a couple of friends and colleague artists.
I can’t wait to see what they will do!


Wishing you a lovely day!



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