No Choco October

By 1 October , 2017illustration

So this weekend, on the first of October, I started#noChocoTober
It’s something I made up myself and is based on #stoptober.
I don’t have to quit smoking, but I do have another bad habit that I’d like to control a bit better if possible (which is eating chocolate.)
Well… I guess it’s not as much as a bad habit if you eat it occasionally and enjoy it every once in a while. But I’ve been indulging a bit too much lately and thought I’d just ‘paint’ some chocolate instead of eating it this month.

So, long story short: It means that I won’t eat chocolate for a whole month. 😱

Below you can view the images that I’ve added during the month.
It’s linked to my instagram account, where you can follow me as well.

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